Gryphon Enhances Speech Analytics in Sales Performance Dashboard 2.0

Gryphon Networks released the latest version of its Sales Performance Dashboard 2.0, which uses speech analytics to provide sales managers with actionable insight into the phone-based sales and outreach activities of their sales reps.

Gryphon's patented Sales Intelligence platform automatically captures detailed activity of every sales or outreach telephone call at the network level regardless of phone, device, or location. Call activity data, including audio, is processed in real time by a sophisticated analytics engine and displayed within a dashboard, giving managers visibility into sales behaviors and performance against desired goals at the region, office, team, or individual level.

New features of Sales Performance Dashboard 2.0 include the following:

  • Call and Contact Effectiveness Ratios, which show exactly how many calls or conversations it takes to get results;
  • The Call Attempt Heatmap and Priority Outcome Heatmap, which show a user's or team's effectiveness by day and hour; and
  • Insights Frequency Report, which provides visibility into call attempt frequency by agent.

In addition, this release includes several minor enhancements focused on general usability and performance.

"In today's world, colorful dashboards of sales activity reports won't really drive rep performance. A Dashboards must be 100 percent accurate and up-to-date with only the insights relevant to the manager's goals in order to provide lasting value," said Eric Esfahanian, Gryphon’s chief revenue officer, in a statement. "These latest enhancements to the Gryphon Dashboard are built specifically to help our clients focus and multiply the behaviors that get results and revenue by combining targeted measurement of sales efforts with simplicity of design and ease of use."

Gryphon Sales Intelligence Platform is available as a stand-alone or integrated with most CRM systems.

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