ImageWare Launches ImageWare Authenticate

ImageWare Systems, a provider of biometric identification and authentication technology, has released ImageWare Authenticate to enable customers to seamlessly integrate biometric multifactor authentication (MFA), including voice, into existing business and consumer applications.

Previously named GoVerifyID, ImageWare Authenticate is being re-released with significant updates to the product functionality, such as a cloud back end with REST interface, self-service portal for managing users and application connectors, seamless integration through OIDC and SAML, and auto-provisioning.

ImageWare Authenticate delivers the following:

  • Multimodal biometric scanning from mobile device;
  • Biometric matching in the cloud, enabling biometric authentication across multiple devices; and
  • Seamless integration into existing applications through OIDC and SAML.

"ImageWare has a history of developing innovative solutions to emerging threats. With the 300 percent increase in cybercrime since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to the significant movement of employees to remote work, ImageWare moved quickly to meet the demand for easy verification and authentication of users to secure confidential, personal, and company information with biometrics," said Kristin Taylor, chairperson, president, and CEO of ImageWare, in a statement. "Companies must authenticate consumers for services ranging from mobile banking and money transfers to downloading or accessing high-value assets from health records, bank statements, and insurance documents all the way to big game or concert tickets. With the launch of ImageWare Authenticate, we will help organizations better secure their applications and data while ensuring a low-friction end-user experience by enabling users to scan biometrics with an easy-to-use mobile app on their iOS or Android device."

Landmark Credit Union in Wisconsin and Catlin Bank in Illinois were early adopters of ImageWare Authenticate to verify employee identities into critical business applications.

"There's no doubt that common, non-biometric two-factor authentication (2FA) is weak; we know that this is a common attack vector which leads to costly breaches," said Jeff Fauver, president and CEO of Catlin Bank, in a statement. "The ImageWare Authenticate solution provides the flexibility we need to protect application and network access. Today's environment is forcing us to deal with remote access, and we're happy to be working with a leader like ImageWare to secure our network perimeter."

"A challenge for our banking customers is ensuring the right person is accessing the right data; nobody should have to worry about scammers or cybercriminals stealing their money or personal financial data. With ImageWare's multifactor authentication solution, we're improving customer confidence in our security systems," said Jerry Jacobs information systems manager at Landmark Credit Union, in a statement. "Not only are our customers' minds at ease, but our management has realized significantly lower security risk, higher customer satisfaction, and a more robust business as a result. ImageWare is undoubtedly a leader in the biometric authentication realm; I am glad we are working closely with them. The livelihood of our business depends on it."

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