Indosoft Enhances Its Visual IVR Builder for Q-Suite

Indosoft has released Q-Suite 5.7.2, complete with an enhanced Visual IVR Builder, for setting up medium and large multitenant contact center services using Asterisk.

The new Q-Suite comes with a large library of functions within a visual tool to build call-flows. The IVR can, for example, interact with available databases to identify priority callers and retrieve caller data and associated parameters. Users can also incorporate third-party libraries for text-to-speech and speech recognition into the Dialplan Builder.

Q-Suite is an enterprise-class multitenant contact center solution with a scalable ACD for Asterisk clusters. It offers high availability and call survival for mission-critical applications through its Overseer Watchdog system. It can be deployed on premises or in the cloud.

"A dynamic visual modeling tool for building call flow and IVR is an absolute necessity for modern contact center operations. We set out to build a vivid and intuitive tool to create and deploy powerful IVR applications within Q-Suite," said Gabriel Bourque, CEO of Indosoft, in a statement. "The release of Q-Suite 5.7.2 with rich tools like the Visual Dialplan Builder offers a truly advanced and cost-effective contact center solution for Asterisk."

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