InfoTalk Unveils InfoTalk-Speaker 2.0 and Announces InfoTalk RSVP

HONG KONG and BEIJING - InfoTalk Corporation, a provider of multi-lingual conversational speech understanding technology, unveiled InfoTalk-Speaker 2.0, multi-lingual text-to-speech (TTS) engine. Based on the company's voice technologies, it speaks out computer and on-line texts into a natural, rhythmical and pleasant voice. InfoTalk-Speaker 2.0 automatically scans computer and on-line texts and speaks in a natural voice. InfoTalk-Speaker 2.0 thus facilitates the development of a range of applications, including email reading, instant information retrieval and CRM solutions. Today's announcement establishes a major milestone for InfoTalk's mission in providing a comprehensive suite of conversational speech understanding technologies, InfoTalk RSVP. It includes InfoTalk-Recognizer, InfoTalk-Speaker, InfoTalk-Verifier and InfoTalk Platform, which are InfoTalk's flagship products for speech recognition, text-to-speech, speaker authentication and the VoiceXML platform respectively. All these speech products have been released. "The launch of InfoTalk-Speaker 2.0 completely reshapes the entire voice industry as it offers a supreme quality of TTS technology that was not available before," said Dr. Alex Leung, CEO of InfoTalk. "This state-of-the-art product opens up new business opportunities in many industries such as telecommunications, Internet, wireless, hand-held devices and computer software." About InfoTalk RSVP InfoTalk-Recognizer is our core conversational speech recognition engine that is capable of understanding multiple and mixed languages commonly used in Asia Pacific region. InfoTalk-Recognizer supports commonly used operating systems as well as telephony interface technologies from both proprietary and open-platform vendors. The engine supports both client-server and standalone (non-client-server) architectures, enabling integration with solutions from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system vendors. InfoTalk-Speaker is a multi-lingual text-to-speech (TTS) engine that converts computer and on-line texts into a natural, rhythmical and pleasant voice. It is specially designed for the speaking habits and language characteristics in Asia Pacific, like mixed languages, tones, intonations, rhythms and words with multiple phonetics. InfoTalk-Verifier is a speaker authentication technology, being particularly useful for applications that require a higher level of security. Every person has a unique voiceprint. The identity of a user is authenticated by his/her voice when the user accesses his/her personalized and secured set of services. InfoTalk Platform products are designed to facilitate development and deployment of voice-enabled applications by our partners and customers. Our products include InfoTalk-Vbrowser that interprets and processes VoiceXML application documents retrieved from internet or local servers. InfoTalk-Vbrowser allows service providers, enterprises and application developers to build their voice-enabled applications in open standard technology platforms. InfoTalk RSVP is packaged in a Software Developer Kit (SDK). The SDK contains various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), grammar building tools and rapid application development tools that empower speech application developers to create their applications.
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