InternetSpeech.com Selects Voiceware's TTS "VoiceText"

SEOUL, KOREA - Voiceware Co. announced a licensing agreement with InternetSpeech, Inc. to integrate their Voiceware TTS, VoiceText, into InternetSpeech's netECHO product. netECHO will use VoiceText to provide customers with access to any web site via any phone without a computer. Using Voiceware's human sounding TTS technology, netECHO will enable users to surf the entire Web and manage their Web-based e-mail, all with simple voice commands. netECHO also offers voice portal capabilities, giving subscribers access to information, such as stock quotes, news, weather, directions, horoscopes, etc. Requested information is read out loud without the graphics. Future versions will also feature v-commerce, and language translation capabilities. InternetSpeech also acquired the rights to resell VoiceText software development kits (SDKs) and license VoiceText to other developers in prescribed territories, including the United States. Voiceware VoiceText supports an American English female voice, "Kate," and an American male voice, "Paul." Chinese language TTS will be released in August. Jeff Griffin, VP of Sales and Marketing for InternetSpeech, said, "We were immediately impressed by the breakthrough VoiceText presented. TTS of this quality has a very positive effect on the quality of netECHO, since the TTS voice is a large part of the netECHO user experience." Jong-Kwan Baek, CEO of Voiceware, said, "We expect InternetSpeech would be successfully provide out TTS with lots of experiences of building voice applications."
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