Intervoice Announces Release of Software-based Platform

CHICAGO, IL - Intervoice Inc. (Nasdaq: INTV) announced during the International Call Center Management (ICCM) conference the release of its advanced software-based platform that encompasses open standards, process-based tools and services needed to create a single, unified environment for the development, deployment and management of voice solutions. The Omvia Voice Framework from Intervoice consists of elements capable of operating within both standards Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) and Voice Extensible Mark-up Language (VoiceXML), as well as the Intervoice IQTalk legacy environment. Omvia Voice Framework supports existing infrastructures while migrating customer applications to new standards as the marketplace evolves. Intervoice enables enterprises to differentiate their products and services through its decades of voice automation development and serverside logic components that dynamically generate the appropriate markup language (VoiceXML or SALT) at runtime. In this way, companies using the Omvia Voice Framework development components when creating call flows can generate VoiceXML or SALT program code. This approach enhances the operational efficiencies inherent in speech-enabled applications. "In a forward-looking move, Intervoice has developed a suite of voice automation products and services that leverages its 20-year telephony heritage, while taking advantage of industry standards such as VoiceXML and SALT," said Peter Ryan, analyst, Datamonitor. "Customers will benefit from the freedom of choice, selecting the development environment that best fits their needs." "The most effective voice applications are always evolving to keep pace with the dynamic requirements of customers, businesses and their employees," said Bob Ritchey, president of Intervoice. "The power and flexibility inherent in the Omvia Voice Framework from Intervoice allows companies of all sizes to cost efficiently leverage existing Web- and enterprise-based resources by adding the most natural of interfaces - the human voice. Every Intervoice customer benefits from our 20-year legacy in voice automation and our ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and responsive service."
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