LDHC Launches Product Powered by IBM ViaVoice Technology

Learning Differences Help Center (LDHC) has launched its Simply Speaking product, which was developed with assistance from Wizzard's services team and powered by Wizzard's IBM ViaVoice dictation technology offering. Founded by an individual with dyslexia, LDHC, Inc. offers software to make the Web accessible to navigate for those who have dyslexia. 

"We were impressed with the reliability and the accuracy of the IBM ViaVoice technology", said Chiam Langsam, president of LDHC.  "We needed to make improvements in training and correcting processes, and Wizzard's service team was extremely helpful to us in delivering an excellent solution."

Powered by IBM's vocabulary voice recognition technology, LDHC's Simply Speaking product is a voice recognition and text-to-speech interface program that allows the user to dictate into many Windows based programs, including Outlook and Explorer. Simply Speaking will convert voice into typewritten text. Simply Speaking will also read back highlighted text from any Windows application.

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