LOVO Launches API for Voice-Overs

LOVO, a voice-over and voice cloning platform startup, officially launched its application programming interface (API) services last week.

After the success of LOVO Studio, the company's web application, LOVO saw an increasing demand from companies looking to integrate its human-like voice-overs in their own environments and applications. The API will enable companies to access LOVO's voices and text-to-speech capability within their walls.

"During our beta, we had a director of the contact center for a B2B SaaS vendor asking how they can integrate LOVO to auto-generate new [interactive voice response] prompts or on-hold messages, and a VP of a social media app asking ways to have their users create content using our voices on their platform without leaving their platform," said Tom Lee, co-founder of LOVO, in a statement. "My personal favorite is a project with a DIY video creation platform. I was looking to make a promotional video for LOVO and saw that the only voice options available were record your own, upload an audio file, and links to external voice-over vendors' websites. I already had a voice file from LOVO, but if I didn't, I'd exit the app and might not come back until my audio is ready… which might be never. So I reached out to their CEO and we are hashing out the details now.

"Different scenarios, different tastes, different tools," he continued. "We want our clients to use LOVO API as one of their core building blocks to create something bigger, something better. Marketing technology has taken leaps and bounds in the analytics and visual creative sectors the past few years. It's now time for a disruption from the audio space, specifically, the voice."

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