Loquendo ASR Language Portfolio Extended to American Spanish and Norwegian

Loquendo has extended its speech recognition language coverage to include American Spanish and Norwegian.

Loquendo American Spanish ASR targets the Spanish language variants most widely spoken in the United States. The acoustic models were trained on audio databases of Spanish speakers in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Loquendo partners and clients now have the full set of speech technologies for creating multilingual, speech-enabled services and applications for all North American markets (ASR and TTS in U.S. English, American Spanish, Canadian French and Mexican) and for all Scandinavian markets (ASR and TTS in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish).

According to the US Census Bureau, 12.3 percent of U.S. citizens speak Spanish as their native tongue, equivalent to 34.5m people (2008 estimate). Loquendo multilingual ASR and TTS enable developers to create speech-based services and applications that cater to both English and Spanish speakers, whether for contact centers, voice portals, multimedia, navigation or mobile applications.

Loquendo’s speaker-independent speech recognition technology offers a choice of acoustic models specialized for the various application fields, such as telephony (fixed, mobile, VoIP) and noisy environments (in-car). It is also available in compact versions for embedded devices.

Loquendo ASR is available in the following 27 languages: American, Mexican, Colombian, Argentinian, Chilean, and Castilian Spanish; Norwegian, Finnish; Swedish; Danish; U.S., U.K., and Australian English; European and Canadian French; Russian; German; Italian; Dutch; Polish; Turkish; Greek; European and Brazilian Portuguese; Catalan; Valencian; Galician; as well as Mixed Language Castilian Spanish and Catalan. Loquendo TTS is available in 28 languages.

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