Loquendo Embedded TTS and ASR Now Available for Android, Maemo and Moblin Mobile Platforms

Loquendo's text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technologies are now available for manufacturers and developers of multimedia applications on the Android, Maemo, and Moblin software platforms.

Loquendo TTS and ASR seamlessly integrate with the Android platform, offering Java-level interfaces to developers. Moreover, Loquendo TTS has been integrated into the Text-To-Speech Extended Framework. This interface, once installed, makes Loquendo synthetic speech available to any Android app, allowing Android phone users to immediately upgrade to high-quality TTS. On Android, the TTS functionalities are controlled through Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags. By offering a full-fledged SSML implementation, Loquendo gives application developers full control over its TTS features.

The Maemo platform is built on large parts of open-source components, and was developed by Nokia in collaboration with many open-source projects, such as the Linux kernel, Debian, GNOME, and many more. The Maemo software development kit provides an open development environment for applications on top of the Maemo platform. Maemo is based on the Linux operating system kernel and is able to support a wide range of different kinds of devices from wristwatches to large server systems, making it ideally placed for the mobile internet device (MID), netbook, and smartphone markets. With the availability of Loquendo technologies, Maemo developers will be able to unleash the potential of speech in developing voice-enabled apps.

The Moblin platform, short for 'mobile Linux', is built around the Intel Atom processor and is an open-source operating system for MIDs, netbooks, nettops, and embedded devices. The concept behind the Moblin project is to create an operating system specifically designed for netbooks and MIDs by minimizing both boot times and power consumption. The central piece of the Moblin architecture is a hardware and usage-model-independent layer providing a single, uniform way of developing such devices.

Early this month, Intel and Nokia announced the merging of Moblin and Maemo into the MeeGo mobile software platform, for which Loquendo will also offer full support.

Loquendo Embedded Technologies leverage Loquendo TTS mixed-language capability, support the TeleAtlas and Navteq SAMPA phonetic alphabets, and are available for all major embedded operating systems: Android, Maemo, Moblin, Linux, iPhone, Symbian OS S60, Windows Mobile 5 and 6, CE 5  and 6, Windows XP Embedded and Tablet PC, VxWorks, and QNX.

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