Loquendo Provides the Voice of Telefonica

Loquendo has created a synthetic voice persona for Spanish telephone service provider Telefonica using its text-to-speech technology.

Loquendo's Custom Voice solution provides Telefonica with a very natural and pleasant-sounding synthetic voice, which it hopes will build on its brand identity, increase consumer confidence, and extend its business into new markets and services.

Telefonica's new and unique TTS synthetic voice will be used for interactive promotions, advertisements, and domain-optimized voice applications, while opening up many new marketing channels, including call center automation, mobile advertising, announcements, and Web speech.

"It is not only technology that we want to explore with our new synthetic voice, powered by Loquendo," says Mario Soro, CRM technology director at Telefonica. "Now we are able to save on high studio recording costs, reduce time to market for new services, and deliver advertising messages on every channel and device. Now customer interaction is significantly improved. Telefonica again demonstrates to the market how using technological innovation can deliver best-in-class customer care services, with the clear objective of increasing customer satisfaction and the client experience."

"The Telefonica TTS voice reinforces Loquendo's position as a leader in the voice technology market," says Rosanna Duce, Loquendo's vice president of international sales. "We have committed significant R&D resources to this project to deliver the highest-quality synthetic voice possible to Telefonica, creating an innovate solution that cuts costs and improves customer satisfaction."

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