Loquendo Releases Loquendo TTS Multimedia Package and Voice Creator

TURIN, Italy - Loquendo released Loquendo TTS in four packages: Loquendo TTS Multimedia, Loquendo TTS Multimedia Compact, Loquendo TTS Telephony and Loquendo TTS Embedded. The four packages run on the same core engine and provide voices in 18 languages.

Loquendo TTS Multimedia is designed for solutions where TTS voice quality is of particular importance: sampling rate is up to 48 KHz and many audio effects are available. Loquendo TTS Multimedia Compact is designed for OEM desktop applications. Loquendo TTS Telephony is targeted at integration for call centers, working on an audio sampling rate for telephone line use.

Each version of Loquendo TTS provides voices that are multilingual and that have been further enriched with 'expressive cues' that give Loquendo's voices an emotional pronunciation.

Loquendo offers two tools for creating your own text-to-speech audio files: Loquendo TTS Director and the new Loquendo TTS Voice Experience, both of which have been refined and expanded.

Loquendo TTS Voice Experience is a tool for the adjustment of voice parameters: speaking rate, pitch and timbre can be toggled up and down, as can reverb, echo, sampling rate and stereo balance. Voice Experience supports all Loquendo voices and languages, and is targeted at clients wanting to check over the pronunciation of a text, or make minor modifications to the speaking rate, audio sampling rate etc.

Loquendo TTS Director is a development environment for creating your own voice prompts, and for designing your own voices. It enables users to access all the features available with Voice Experience, but also to adjust parameters, as well as add pauses, phonetic transcriptions, and lexicons for pronunciation.

This new, expanded version of TTS Director now comes with Voice Creator - a new tool for the creation of voices.


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