Loquendo Releases TTS 7.20 with Key New Features and Languages

Loquendo today released Loquendo TTS 7.20, the latest version of its text-to-speech software.

New to this latest version is a one-click installation tool. It also comes with support for the Romanian language, and new Turkish and Italian voices.

With version 7.20, the process for configuring and downloading Loquendo TTS is now easier because users simply click on the voices, languages and other software components they need from those available, automatically download the selected packages using the download manager, and can install all of them with just one click.Loquendo TTS is also better adapted for use in eBook readers, thanks to an enhancement of the prosody feature that now includes the option to insert pauses at shorter intervals, providing the reader with a more relaxing experience when listening to books and long texts.

Loquendo TTS also includes User Reading Modes that can be created by modifying a wide range of parameters, such as language, voice, speed, volume, encoding rates, etc. Reading modes can then be activated and deactivated according to user needs, and a single TTS server can also be linked with several clients, each of which can be configured with a different User Reading Mode for different use contexts.

With TTS 7.20, Loquendo speech synthesis has more functionality than ever before, by adding support for Linux Suse 11 and Ubuntu 10 operating systems, as well as supporting ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture), which provides audio and MIDI functionality to the Linux OS. Loquendo Voice Experience and TTS Diagnosis tools have also been made available for Linux, while Loquendo Lexicon Manager is now available as a separate, standalone tool as well as bundled with TTS Director.

Loquendo TTS 7.20 is even more standards-compliant, adding support for the W3C Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) 1.1 (SSML 1.0 was already supported by previous releases).

Furthermore, the 7.20 engine introduces support for Studio Quality TTS voices (44.1 kHz linear) for an unparalleled sound which is rich, fully-rounded and of the highest quality. New languages and voices have been released: Ioana, the first Romanian female voice; Selin, a new Turkish female voice, and Federica, the first studio-quality Italian voice.

The release of Selin, Loquendo’s third Turkish voice, coincides with a significant upgrade of Loquendo’s Turkish language TTS, featuring increased fluidity and smoothness. Federica combines an exceptionally high phonetic coverage, an improvement of the phonetic transcription of foreign words, and studio quality, for the smoothest, most accurate voice yet.

Loquendo TTS is expressive and fluent synthetic speech in 31 languages. It puts companies closer to their customers by enriching services with speech and empowering people to interact with technology by voice.

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