Loquendo Teams Up with VoiceGenie

NEW YORK, NY - VoiceGenie Technologies Inc. and Loquendo announced their technology and co-marketing alliance to deliver sophisticated voice-enabled services to enterprises and carriers worldwide. The integration of Loquendo's set of speech recognition technology with VoiceGenie's VoiceXML speech platform was done to help bring more progressive and effective automated voice solutions to market. Loquendo's speech technology approach delivers the scalability and reliability required to deploy voice services of any complexity. Featuring a comprehensive, multi-lingual set of technological components such as its speaker-independent Automatic Speech Recognition engine (Loquendo ASR) and its multilingual Text-To-Speech software (Loquendo TTS), Loquendo offers a realistic, "lifelike voice" for the dynamic data and prompts required in today's complex voice applications. Coupled with the VoiceGenie platform, the package provides a complete set of ready-to-use frameworks and automated agents. "We are very pleased to announce the partnership between VoiceGenie and Loquendo," said Eric Jackson, vice president, strategy and business development at VoiceGenie. "Our complementary technologies enable organizations to deploy superior voice solutions that support personalized customer care applications, dramatically improving productivity as well as responsiveness to the customer while at the same time reducing costs for the enterprise." VoiceGenie's speech platform allows enterprises and telecom carriers to develop and deploy sophisticated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications, speech-enabled services, and voice portals. Providing advanced infrastructure solutions and services necessary for the creation of VAD (voice activated dialing) and other speech applications, the platform allows users to retrieve Web information, make online transactions and manage personal communications (such as e-mail, voice mail and voice-activated dialing) quickly and easily, simply by speaking into any phone. Designed for rapid integration into enterprise and carrier environments, Loquendo's synthesis engine and highly accurate recognition technology set present an ideal extension to VoiceGenie's open speech platform, allowing for advanced and dependable audio-processing and voice verification capabilities. By providing a simple and natural interface, customer satisfaction levels are increased tremendously through a more efficient response. Companies experience reduced call on-hold times and higher call completion rates, resulting in operational cost savings of up to 90 percent. "Loquendo is extremely pleased with this exciting partnership, through which we can offer the international marketplace Loquendo's TTS and ASR technologies within VoiceGenie's advanced scaleable and robust speech platforms, to answer the needs of a wide variety of environments throughout the world," said Rosanna Duce, vice president at Loquendo. "Our product synergies complement each other in a way that encourages companies focused on providing the ultimate customer care to go into new directions."
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