Lucas Systems Enhances Jennifer VoicePlus System With Serenade Speech Recognition Platform

Lucas Systems, a provider of voice-directed warehouse applications for open, mobile computers, today announced the availability of the Serenade Speech Recognition Platform as part of the Jennifer VoicePlus system for voice picking and other warehouse operations. Serenade reduces user voice training time by more than 75 percent compared to conventional warehouse voice technology, while improving accuracy for the most challenging users and warehouse environments. Serenade is a key component of Jennifer VoicePlus , the latest generation of Jennifer software. It is also available as an upgrade for current Jennifer customers.

Serenade is already in use at several customer sites, including one distribution center that has replaced its legacy voice-only terminals and proprietary recognition technology with the latest version of Jennifer VoicePlus software on Motorola MC3190 mobile computers. With Serenade, individual users go through a quick five-minute enrollment process, rather than the 25-30-minute voice training process required with most speaker-dependent systems, saving several man-days of training time across the facility. In addition, the new system provides better recognition and faster performance, which will drive incremental productivity gains in the picking process.

Serenade incorporates adaptive voice modeling strategies which Lucas first introduced in 2007, plus advanced noise filtering and suppression techniques working with third-party speech recognition technologies. Serenade is the first speech recognition platform for warehouse applications that provides the advantages of both user-dependent and user-independent speech recognition approaches in a single product. In addition, Serenade supports speech recognition for dozens of languages. 

"Serenade represents the next evolution of voice recognition technology for warehouse operations," says Chris Sweeney, senior vice president of Lucas Systems. "Compared to the legacy speech recognition technology still prevalent in the market, Serenade reduces training and maximizes accuracy. Likewise, Serenade provides adaptation and advanced noise-cancellation capabilities that are absent from traditional speaker-independent systems, ensuring reliable recognition across users and challenging warehouse environments."

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