LumenVox Adds Voices in Version 14.2

In version 14.2 of its text-to-speech software, LumenVox has added two Polish female voices named Agnieszka and Ewa, a Polish male voice named Jacek, and an American English male child voice named Justin voice.

This brings the total number of voices available for LumenVox TTS to 57. The company's solution covers 24 languages.

LumenVox 14.2 also features an extended Dashboard configuration utility to provide more configuration options, including the ability to configure the client property settings. In addition, a newfeature that allows the LumenVox Manager Service to be restarted directly through the Dashboard interface was also added.

"This version 14.2.100 release is yet another example of our mission to provide users accurate, affordable, and scalable speech solutions," said Nigel Quinnin, vice president of development at LumenVox, in a statement.

LumenVox also added two features to Speech Tuner, offering more control over how saved files are named and a flexible accuracy classification feature that enables users users to see the hypothetical effects on individual interactions if confidence thresholds were to be changed.

The company just released version 14.1 in January.

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