LumenVox Releases Version 12.1 of Its ASR, TTS and Speech Tuner

LumenVox has released version 12.1 of its Automatic Speech Recognizer (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) Server, and Speech Tuner, with improvements to make them easier to install, configure, operate, and build upon.

The LumenVox Dashboard includes new enhancements to its existing monitoring capabilities. These updates put more control in the hands of users when monitoring their systems and process performance histories. Users can now set custom time span and scaling options, allowing them to get a general sense of their overall system performance when viewing 10 hours or more, or much more detailed information when viewing time spans set below 10 hours.

This scaling is necessary since the Dashboard can also keep track of and display data for more than one day, which was a limitation in the 12.0 release. Like the rest of the Dashboard, these graphs are web-based and can be viewed on any operating system with a web browser, meaning users can keep track of their systems from a desktop or mobile device.

With LumenVox 12.1, the Speech Tuner can calculate a complexity score to gauge the relative complexity of grammar files and help developers and system administrators make informed choices about grammars and hardware sizing.

To further help system administrators, the LumenVox software also has a new configuration option that allows administrators to specify the maximum number of channels of ASR or TTS they intend to use. The software then intelligently sets a number of other parameters to optimize its performance to meet that need. 

In secure mode, which is used for high-security environments, such as those that must meet PCI or HIPAA standards, LumenVox now suppresses additional information from log files. This information includes details about grammar names and content.

The company last updated these products in November when it released Version 12.0.

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