Marchex Releases Conversational AI Technology Built to Predict Customer Intent, Create Personalized Sales Experiences 

Marchex, a provider of call analytics that drive, measure, and convert callers into customers, released new artificial intelligence technology that can interpret the complex language of customer intent—knowledge that enables businesses to anticipate the needs of consumers, deliver highly personalized experiences, and increase sales.

The suite of new pre-trained Conversational AI models was developed by the Marchex Innovation Development (MIND) Lab team to solve a big problem for businesses: how to immediately understand and respond to the needs of customers during sales conversations over the phone or via text.

Marchex Conversational AI is built on Marchex Stream, the new conversational data streaming and business intelligence platform announced in May that enables the processing of events and extraction of signals from conversations as they occur in real-time, at scale.

The technology is powered by Marchex’s growing base of more than one billion minutes of analyzed consumer-to-business conversations and employs deep learning techniques including convolutional neural network developments pioneered by the Marchex MIND Lab team.

Some of the new features and capabilities in Marchex Conversational AI include: 

  • Deep Consumer Intent Signals. Eighty new Deep Intent signals identify and organize the flood of essential information that consumers express in phone and text conversations and structure them into simple actionable information.
  • Lead Scoring. A new AI-driven intelligent lead scoring model that helps businesses predict which caller opportunities are most likely to lead to sales, so their sales team can efficiently prioritize their efforts. This model combines consumer intent and offline data to score leads.
  • Churn Prediction. A new churn model predicts when customers may be planning to switch to another service provider, so a sales or service team can take the right action to prevent churn and retain the customer.
  • Deep Outcome Insights. One hundred new conversation outcome signals organize the wide array of outcomes of sales or service conversations and accelerate the ability of the business to respond so it may recapture missed sales opportunities. 
  • Sales Best Practice and Performance Improvement Insights. A new voice biometric model determines the identity of the salesperson on the call, and fifty new performance-tracking signals analyze the salesperson’s responses to the consumer to help identify whether they responded to the consumer’s actual intent and how effectively they followed their sales or service scripts.
  • Vertical Industry Models. Pre-trained models can help businesses in a range of industries address sales conversation challenges and move customers forward in the path to purchase. Today Marchex has pre-trained models for the Automotive Sales and Service, Communications, Insurance, Dental/Healthcare, and Home Services industries, as well as a general-purpose model that can be used across various other industries. 

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