MyWave Brings Its Personal Assistant to Europe

MyWave launched its intelligent assistant that lets consumers control their personal data in Europe today. The product was already available in Australia and New Zealand and recently launched in the United States.

"The current customer relationship management (CRM) approach used by most businesses and intelligent assistant companies today will be rejected by digitally empowered consumers who no longer consider themselves to be passive participants at the very end of the sales cycle," said MyWave founder and CEO Geraldine McBride. "Relationships between brands and consumers need to be centered around permission to share information, and that permission is based on trust, respect, and a two-way conversation that provides mutual value to the consumer and the brand. This is the basis for the personal data revolution, and only intelligent assistants that respect these norms of human relationships will prosper in today's digital economy."

MyWave puts an intelligent assistant named Frank in consumers' pockets to hyper-personalize their customer-brand relationships. It enables the consumer to control and update data based on preferences and buying intentions and share preferences and needs in real time, enabling businesses to tailor products and services in a targeted and relevant way.

"Today's empowered young consumers want instant information, an emotional, two-way connection to a brand, and a respect of their privacy  The current industrial business model, where the product is central and pushed down to a largely powerless customer, is ineffective and annoying to millennials and generation Z," said MyWave Chief Experience Officer Amy Johnson.

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