NMS Communications Announce Open Access Products

FRAMINGHAM, MA - NMS Communications (Nasdaq:NMSS) announced its Open Access framework of products, platforms and services for communications solutions. Offering standards-based IP-enabled products, the Open Access framework is designed to provide functionality for developing and deploying applications and communications services such as IP conferencing, mobile video, speech-activated services and wireless entertainment. According to NMS Communications, Open Access offers application developers and OEMs a range of delivery vehicles to match different business models. Open Access uses open interfaces and supports industry standards, allowing developers and OEMs to ship fully configured systems or software-only solutions using commercially available platforms. "A much anticipated shift has finally taken place in the next generation telecom space," said Tom Valovic, IDC's Program Director for IP Telephony. "Applications have finally emerged as the primary driver for next-generation products. However, systems vendors and application developers alike still need to intensify their focus on building more open and flexible systems as a prelude to innovation and more advanced capabilities. With this announcement NMS is clearly well positioned to help the industry achieve these goals." NMS also announced PacketMedia Host-based Media Processing (HMP) software. As part of the Open Access framework, PacketMedia HMP is designed to give developers and OEMs the ability to build high-value media processing applications in a unified development environment and then run and deploy on either PacketMedia HMP software on general-purpose PCs or NMS' digital signal processing (DSP) platforms. "Customers with whom we've previewed the Open Access framework and roadmap have been tremendously enthusiastic about the business benefits they see, including technology with clear, rapid ROI and products that can be delivered in ways that match their evolving business models," said Bob Schechter, chairman and CEO, NMS Communications. "With the telecom industry re-awakening, companies that design, develop or deploy innovative solutions for the enterprise or network have tremendous opportunity ahead and, at NMS, we're excited to be able to give those companies the means to capture that opportunity."
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