Nexidia Releases NEXminer Product Line

ATLANTA, GA - Nexidia announced the introduction of a product line called NEXminer, introducing mining capabilities that are designed to allow users to apply business rules across their audio-video repositories and extract relevant information. Other new features include open system architectures and platforms, new languages, application enablers and enhancements to the company's patent-pending audio search engine. "… Easily applying business rules and effectively extracting relevant knowledge from audio-video content will significantly enhance business intelligence and business automation, resulting in improved efficiencies, increased revenues and reduced costs," said Ray Naeini, president and CEO of Nexidia. "The NEXminer product line is a reliable and open system set of innovative solutions that, for the first time, delivers such business values through transforming audio-visual communications to actionable information and knowledge, offering productivity enhancements never possible before." According to Nexidia, its phonetics-based search technology serves as the foundation for the mining of audio-video content by allowing each NEXminer product to make decisions regarding the intent of both the user and the speaker. NEXminer can also accommodate a variety of languages, dialects, accents and slang typically found within everyday verbal communications. "Mass communication is no longer limited to either text or data, so why should our access to information be limited to those two formats?" said Susan Feldman, research vice president, content management and retrieval software, IDC. "We have become a multimedia civilization, and newer access applications need to provide the same kinds of tools for audio and video information that we have for text and data. NEXminer can add the audio and video jewels that they extract automatically to the rest of the enterprise information stream." The NEXminer Product Line is available both as turnkey and OEM options. It operates in a variety of configurations, such as single user or multiple users in distributed or enterprise-wide environments.
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