Noble Systems Offers ATOMS Solution Suite Upgrades

Noble Systems Corporation, a provider of contact automation technology, has announced several offerings for the ATOMS solution suite within the last 120 days. These include: a patent for script recording technology, new TTS features, a compliance package targeted towards new telemarketing regulations, and an all-in-one resource for call center products. In April 2002, Noble Systems received a patent (# US 6,356,634 B1) for the company's Perfect Script product. Perfect Script addresses the quality of agent talk time by allowing agent to pre-record all or part of calling scripts, unique to each campaign. The recordings can be delivered in any sequence on a call-by-call basis, either instantly or in an agent-controlled environment, without the customer detecting the difference between the recording and the live agent. Noble Systems then introduced TTS functionality for the ATOMS solution in May 2002. TTS converts text-based information into speech that resembles a natural voice. Noble Systems' TTS features allow its clients to create teleservices programs that are customized for each customer by "speaking" information particular to that individual, such as customer names and addresses or account information and special news. Finally, the ATOMS "California Compliance Package" was released, in July, to help call centers meet the state's tougher regulations for call abandonment rates by companies using predictive dialers to call customers residing in California. The Noble Systems package includes a new call pacing method by which the speed of the predictive dialer can be controlled to meet the new 3% abandonment rate restriction. With this new pacing method, the predictive dialer will adjust the speed with which new calls are placed as the abandonment rate approaches the threshold, allowing call centers to manage their programs within the parameters of the California abandonment rate. In addition, the package adds new reports that can be used to monitor state-by-state calling activities and to provide the documentation required by the new California mandates. James K. Noble, Jr., President and CEO of Noble Systems, stated, "Contact center face many daily challenges, from keeping up with the latest regulations and meeting consumer demands for evolving technologies, to managing their agent resources and maintaining their physical equipment. As an innovator in the industry, Noble Systems helps our clients stay ahead of the curve. By providing a full range of contact center products and value-added services, we give our clients the tools to meet their day-to-day with confidence, allowing them to focus on the strategic issues of growing their business."
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