Nuance Brings its Voice Developer Tools to Twitter Fabric

Nuance Communications will soon make its Nuance SpeechKit SDK available as part of Twitter's Fabric developer platform. As a result, developers can voice-enable apps and services with Nuance voice recognition and text-to-speech, and any additional services that Nuance brings to its developer community in the future.

Nuance's SpeechKit SDK delivers self-service voice recognition and text-to-speech for iOS and Android. It lets developers create specialized voice experiences for their apps by creating customized language models in more than 40 languages. They can also choose from more than 80 voices for text-to-speech. By integrating Nuance SpeechKit into Fabric, developers can have a fully voice-enabled interface in a matter of minutes.

"Giving developers access to the best tools and services as part of one simple platform is what makes Twitter Fabric incredibly unique in a rapidly growing developer ecosystem. And by integrating Nuance's SpeechKit SDK, we're giving developers the opportunity to easily design and create voice-enabled experiences that power a wide range of apps and services," said Rich Paret, general manager of Twitter's Developer Platform, in a statement.

"Fabric's diverse developer community creates an exciting opportunity for us to bring voice and conversational experiences to a wide range of apps and services – apps for social networking, IoT, gaming, entertainment, music and much more," said Mike Thompson, executive vice president and general manager of Nuance Mobile, in a statement. "In an era where the interface is shrinking while becoming more intelligent, Nuance's voice technology instantly gives developers an opportunity to simplify and customize that experience with an incredibly natural, intuitive, and powerful connection."

Nuance's SpeechKit SDK will be available as part of Fabric later this fall.

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