Nuance FlexT9 Revolutionizes Universal Input

Nuance Communications today released Nuance FlexT9, a downloadable app for Android that combines Dragon Dictation, T9 Trace, T9 Write, and XT9 and replaces the existing virtual keypad for an amazingly seamless universal input experience. With FlexT9, Android users can choose how they communicate and stay connected in the ways that best match their mobile lifestyles, whether they speak, trace, write, tap – or all of the above.

FlexT9 combines Nuance’s voice and predictive touch offerings in an all-in-one keyboard interface that allows users to  toggle between modalities with just a simple tap. With FlexT9, the Android keypad is transformed to let users:

  • Speak: Nuance’s Dragon Dictation app has been downloaded by millions of iPhone users around the world to turn talk into text, and is now available as part of FlexT9 with full Dictate Anywhere capabilities on Android. So anytime and anywhere you want speak your text, you can – email, SMS text messages, Facebook and Twitter updates, Web searches, instant messaging, and more.
  • Trace: With T9 Trace, users glide their fingers from one letter to the next on the virtual keypad. T9 Trace leverages all of the leading features of Nuance’s XT9 text input solution.
  • Write: With T9 Write, users can use their finger to write naturally shaped letters, entire words and phrases, numbers, symbols, accented characters, and more on the touchscreen, and instantly see results.
  • Tap: Nuance’s renowned XT9 predictive text input technology ships on billions of phones around the world, and is at the core of FlexT9 to enable next word prediction, word completion, Sloppy-Type word error correction, spell correction, and much more across the entire input experience, including T9 Write and T9 Trace.

“Universal input is in high demand across the mobile ecosystem as devices become increasingly sophisticated, with more computing power, cloud connectivity and of course, touchscreen interfaces. Consumers need more than just voice or just text input to stay connected across a host of apps and services,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of Nuance Mobile. “FlexT9 breaks the mold of the traditional mobile experience, giving consumers the power to speak, write, trace, or tap whenever, wherever they want. It’s customization, control, and convenience, and it’s all completely in the hands of the consumer.”

FlexT9 is currently available for download in the Android App Store for $4.99, supporting Android OS v2.1 and v2.2. To download, visit market://search?q=pname:com.nuance.flext9.input.

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