Nuance Introduces a Dragon Program Just for Designers

Yesterday Nuance Communications released Dragon SpeechPack for Designers, a Dragon NaturallySpeaking program that enables a graphic designer to use voice commends to control graphic design tools. Nuance hopes that Dragon will allow designers to collapse repetitive tasks, which will help them work faster and more productively.

The Dragon SpeechPack will be used in addition to a mouse and keyboard and interface with most Windows-based applications, including Adobe's InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver; Fireworks; Contribute; After Effects; Premiere Pro; Quark Express; and Corel's Draw and Photo Paint. The program specifically aims to assist users in navigating through multilevel menus. Designers can use voice commands to choose tools, filters, and commands, while using the mouse for design and selection functions.

Because Dragon SpeechPack for Designers includes a full version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking as well, users can also create documents, manage email, and surf the Web with voice commands.

"For those working in design, being able to simply speak commands or quickly navigate through various repetitive program elements frees their minds and lets them keep their hands focused on the design process, which translates to substantial time savings," Peter Mahoney, Nuance's senior vice president and general manager of the Dragon product line, said in a statement, "And for many people, creative ideas often vanish as quickly as they come; Dragon truly allows us to keep up with the speed of our ideas."

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