Nuance Launches Nuance Mix Developer Platform for Consumer Electronics and IoT

Nuance Communications today launched Nuance Mix, a developer platform for mobile and consumer electronics.

Initially available as a limited release beta via the Nuance Developers program, Nuance Mix enables device makers and developers to create customized voice and natural language interfaces powering the next generation of the Internet of Things, including devices for smart home, gaming, robotics, and consumer health and fitness.

"The rapidly evolving ecosystem of specialized devices and services for the IoT and Industrial Internet will be defined by the user experience, and the stakes are high in bringing these innovations into an incredibly competitive market," said Mike Thompson, executive vice president and general manager of Nuance Mobile, in a statement. "Nuance Mix gives developers and device makers the ability to quickly integrate Nuance's trusted voice and natural language technology in just a few hours and with the control and flexibility to make their experiences unique and exceptional."

With an all-new natural language understanding development tool, Nuance Mix gives developers access to the same foundational technology that powers some of the world's most pervasive virtual assistants. Coupled with Nuance's voice recognition and text-to-speech, developers can use the Mix Web interface to create custom voice and natural language models within minutes that are fully optimized to work together for a set of tasks defined by the developer.

Nuance Mix lets developers define their use cases, concepts, parameters, and the variety of ways consumers will interact with their devices or apps through voice. From there, Nuance Mix creates a customized and intelligent speech and natural language model for each developer, which is then instantly integrated into their apps or devices.

Nuance Mix also provides developers with an automated workflow to roll anonymized speech data back into their models to continuously improve accuracy. As a result, the user experience continues to improve over time and developers gain behavioral insights into new features that can or should be powered by voice.

Nuance Mix is an open platform offering cross operating system and cross platform support through open Internet protocols like WebSockets. Nuance Mix offers SDKs for iOS and Android, as well as for sample applications in popular languages, including Python, C, Javascript, and more.

Nuance Mix will continue to expand its set of tools and capabilities throughout 2016 to include more of Nuance's technology and language portfolio. Nuance Developers' voice recognition and text-to-speech toolkits currently let developers create customized voice interaction for consumer devices and mobile apps in more than 40 languages and more than 80 voices for text-to-speech. More than 30,000 developers already participate in the Nuance Developers program.

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