Nuance Powers Voice-Enabled Clinical Documentation in Mobile EHRs

Nuance Healthcare has announced that Epic electronic health record customers can now use voice-enabled clinical information capture through Epic Haiku for the iPhone and Canto for the iPad, powered by Nuance.

The integration of Nuance Healthcare's cloud-based voice recognition in the Haiku and Canto applications allows users to improve the quality of patient care and increase productivity as a result of streamlined mobile clinical documentation.

Nuance's cloud-based medical voice recognition builds off of its success with the more than 450,000 clinicians worldwide who use Nuance's Best-in-KLAS clinical documentation solutions on the desktop. By leveraging the existing desktop-focused interface, Nuance enables Haiku and Canto customers to connect to Nuance Healthcare's voice recognition in the cloud. This connectivity will provide maintenance-free access and automatic updates of personal speech profiles, medical vocabularies, and user-defined shortcuts. Customers can also enter progress notes, histories, and information on physical exams via voice.

"Clinicians' work lives are not conducive to a desk and chair; they need the flexibility of a mobile environment to support their workflow, all at a moment's notice," said Janet Dillione, executive vice president and general manager of Nuance Healthcare, in a statement. "Still, issues surrounding the adoption of mobile technologies remain, including limitations surrounding laborious touchscreen keyboards. With voice-enabled mobile EHR applications, clinicians can enjoy the benefits of the Nuance-powered functionality anytime, anywhere."

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