OTG Solution Achieves Entrust Ready Status

OTTAWA, CANADA - OTG, an international provider of voice biometrics-based security solutions, announced its E-Help Desk™ version 3.1 automated help desk solution has achieved Entrust Ready™ status. The Entrust Ready designation has been awarded by Entrust Limited and refers to products and services that have been reviewed for compatibility and interoperability with Entrust Authority Security Manager 7.0 software. E-Help Desk is a telephone-based self-service help desk for PKI administration. It allows users who have forgotten their password, or who have had their profile compromised, to recover it by using the telephone and their biometric voice print. Authenticated users have routine and emergency access to their account, to create a new profile, recover an existing profile, and revoke a certificate, without having to contact live technical support. Positive identification of individuals is secured using ScanSoft Inc. voice verification technology. A speaker's voice, like a fingerprint, is unique and virtually fraud-proof. Once authenticated, the user's profile is set to recovery mode and the caller receives activation codes over the telephone or by email that allow retrieval of that profile. "OTG's customers purchase our automated help desk solutions to reduce large volumes of password reset-type calls to the corporate help desk," said Mark Kovalsky, president of OTG. "Organizations look at the resources spent on simple tasks like password reset, and agree the industry statistics are accurate. Voice biometrics is the answer to securing telephony-based help desks, and OTG has developed the applications to market this technology". "Achieving Entrust Ready status further substantiates OTG's long standing relationship with Entrust and demonstrates both organizations' commitment to providing leading-edge self-service technology," said Kevin Simzer, chief marketing officer for Entrust.
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