PlantCML Integrates Loquendo TTS into The Communicator! NXT and GeoCast Web Notification Solutions

Loquendo's text-to-speech technology is now fully embedded into The Communicator! NXT and GeoCast Web notification solutions provided by PlantCML.

The Communicator! NXT solution automates simple to highly complex list-based notification procedures, enabling immediate, multimodal communication via telephone, cell, smartphone, etc. It quickly alerts people of contingent events, mobilizes response teams, and augments routine communications.

The GeoCast Web solution provides rapid notification to precisely targeted locations. Employing industry-standard ESRI mapping tools, the IP-enabled application seamlessly brings together all telephone and GIS (Geographic Information System) data, initiating communication with regional offices, remote employees, or the community at large, in a matter of seconds.

Integration with Loquendo TTS technology allows The Communicator! NXT and GeoCast Web solutions to deliver emergency and non-emergency messages in a clear, natural-sounding synthetic voice, freeing system administrators from having to record, validate and attach files to notification messages, and ultimately expediting communications.

Loquendo's technology offers PlantCML's customers flexibility, supporting 30 languages and offering a choice of 71 male and female voices. 

"We went through an exhaustive evaluation of text-to-speech products and determined Loquendo to be the best on the market, both in terms of quality and clarity of voices and the number of languages supported," said Mike Adams, product line manager of PlantCML's Notification Solutions and Services (NSS) business unit. "We are a global business, so access to voices beyond those commonly found in North America was an important consideration."

"PlantCML has developed highly effective solutions for delivering targeted messages rapidly and efficiently in contingencies," said Piergiorgio Vittori, Loquendo area manager for the Americas and Asia Pacific. "They have brought together several diverse technologies to ensure incident-related information is provided to the right people as quickly as possible, and we are proud that Loquendo TTS is playing a key role in such solutions."

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