PromptSmart Pro Speech Recognition-Based Teleprompter App Now Available on Android

PromptSmart, a teleprompter app announced the launch of its PromptSmart Pro app for Android. All of the features users love about PromptSmart Pro are included, plus a new look and feel: 

  • VoiceTrack
  • Video Recording
  • Mirroring text for use in teleprompter rigs
  • Extended subscription, including a Remote Control, File Sync and cross-compatibility with iOS (i.e. one subscription works on both platforms with no additional charge)
  • Redesigned modern UI/UX,

PromptSmart's iOS and Android apps have patent-pending VoiceTrackTM speech recognition engine drives the platform, allowing apps to seamlessly follow along as you speak and to adjust the speed of scrolling text in real time based on the speaker's actual words and pace – all without the need for a data connection.

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