RES-Q Healthcare Systems Set to Release New Staffing Control Module

CALABASAS, Calif. - RES-Q Healthcare Systems will release Dynamic Staffing Control (DSC) on April 6, 2007. DSC is a new, optional module for RES-Q Labor Resource Management, the company's staffing and scheduling software for hospitals. RES-Q Labor Resource Management is a modular, PC-based, Internet-enabled software system.

DSC features an HL/7 interface to hospitals' ADT systems. With the interface, the software processes patient admissions, discharges, and transfers, and the RES-Q Labor Resource Management staffing and scheduling system continually evaluates the number of patients on each unit. The software determines patient workloads for each unit. The system then runs the revised unit workloads through staffing simulation routines and calculates updated recommended staffing requirements and levels. The new recommended levels are compared against current staffing levels. Staffing variances that fall outside of preset thresholds are automatically communicated to designated unit managers and staffing office administrators via internal RES-Q messaging or by e-mail, text message, pager or voice-mail using text-to-speech technology.

In addition, based on the current patient population and historical admission and discharge patterns, the software forecasts necessary staffing levels for the upcoming 24-hour period. Staffing variances for future shifts are communicated to the responsible managers, and RES-Q thus gives them the information and tools to plan and adjust required staffing well in advance of upcoming shifts.


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