Rex-The Talking Prescription Bottle Selected for Inventables Innovation Center

PITTSBURGH - Rex-The Talking Prescription Bottle from MedivoxRx Technologies, a division of Wizzard Software, has been selected to be included in this quarter's edition of the Innovation Center, a quarterly updated technology library designed to introduce, educate, and inspire companies to create new materials and technologies. Each quarterly update contains 20 different technologies. Innovation Center is produced by the Chicago-based company Inventables, whose goal is to help companies innovate by bringing inspiring ideas to designers and engineers of large consumer product companies. Inventables' customer base includes Nike, BMW, Glaxo-Smith Kline, and Proctor & Gamble. Osman Ozcanli, technology envisioner for Inventables, is the leader of a Technology Hunters team that works to find the technologies to be featured in each quarterly update. The team of Technology Hunters search around the globe to identify hundreds of technologies that would inspire new products for their clients. After these technologies are identified, a second team of brain-stormers envision possible consumer product applications to broaden the vision for the technologies and how they might be used. Of the hundreds that have been reviewed each quarter, a select 20 of these items then appear in each quarterly update. The items chosen are organized into five categories: materials, mechanisms, electronics, processes, and "wow" products. Rex is appearing in the category of "wow" products. Selected technologies appear on the Inventables Innovation Centers. "The talking prescription bottle was one of the most inspirational and tactile items in this quarterly update," said Ozcanli. "The talking prescription bottle was selected because it demonstrated that it is possible to add voice instructions to almost any consumer product cost-effectively. But it was not only the simple electronics that made the product special. It was also the text to speech software capability that made the concept much more applicable, scalable and practical."
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