Rhetorical Releases rVoice 4.2

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - Rhetorical announced the launch of rVoice 4.2, a new version of its text-to-speech engine. rVocie 4.2 has been designed as a server application for networked environments. According to Rhetorical, rVoice 4.2 comes with a graphical development tool - rVoice Studio, which can be used to create ActivePromptsTM. This is a patented innovation that allows prompts to be generated. The tool allows users to specify how rVoice should read the prompts and the results are stored as instructions to the TTS engine. "rVoice 4.2 represents another evolution in our technology," said Marc Moens, CEO of Rhetorical. "Improvements have been made at every level - from low-level integration and enterprise usability issues to voice quality, intelligibility, and naturalness. The ActivePrompt™ software and the rVoice Studio represent a major revolution in the way text-to-speech can be deployed in speech-enabled applications. This is the first time users will be able to create and update prompts in minutes, and mix these prompts seamlessly with dynamic TTS, for any voice they choose."
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