SER Adds Gryphon Networks Do-Not-Call Solution to Call Center

Keeping up with call list compliance requires not only a thorough understanding of local, state, and federal laws, but also a workable solution to keep call centers up-to-date as laws develop and caller information changes. SER Solutions, a Virginia-based call management and speech analytics provider, will integrate Gryphon Networks’ Contact Governance software to its clients.  If they choose to do so, SER customers may opt for Gryphon’s Guardian Interactive solution, which provides an automated do-not-call (DNC) solution for outbound contact centers.

"Keeping on top of all the regulations is clearly difficult and time-consuming, and an expensive undertaking," says Larry Mark, chief technology officer at SER. "Messing it up is very expensive—the fines that are written into the laws for calling people on the DNC list are significant."

Throughout the country, households reserve the right to be placed on a DNC list, preventing telemarketers from contacting them. In addition, some states also develop regulations on the time of day in which telemarketers may contact a household. With this complexity in mind, companies providing call center solutions may need extra help finding ways to let their customers ensure compliance with state and federal laws. Gryphon’s technology, for example, will automatically check contacts’ status against regulatory DNC lists when SER generates campaign lists.

Though most of Gryphon’s work alerts companies when they should not call households, another aspect of the software, Established Business Rules [EBRs], helps companies take advantage of DNC law’s fine print. For example, EBRs give loopholes to contact centers that allow telemarketers to solicit business from customers who have placed calls with the company recently.

"EBRs can increase your calling pool up to fifty percent," according to Chris Riley, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Gryphon Networks. "If a customer calls about your product or service, you can follow up on that inquiry and solicit them for business."

Mark says that SER employed Gryphon Networks after some of its customers began asking about a DNC software embedded within an SER solution. The company will use the DNC software, which is optional to all customers, primarily in its predictive dialing solutions, but it might also be incorporated into speech analytics products.

"Companies need to make sure that the call center and the centralized marketing and the field agent systems are all operating off the same information," Riley says. "We centralize our customers."

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