SPIRIT Announces Telephony Add-ons for TI's C54CSTChip

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SPIRIT, the Russian DSP Software Company, has announced a set of software add-ons for Texas Instruments' C54CST chip (CST - Client Side Telephony). These software add-ons provide extended functionality (e.g. G3 Fax, G.723.1) to the telephony software that is already ROMed into C54CST chip. Today Add-on algorithm includes 1200 bps vocoder, G.729AB, G3 Fax data pump, G.723.1, FoIP. These add-ons are the BEST MEMORY implementations of telephony algorithms on DSP. SPIRIT's software add-ons are available for licensing in the form of object code for Texas Instruments' C54CST chip. TI's C54CST chip is running Client Side Telephony software technology developed by SPIRIT. The key element of this technology is the real time Framework that significantly facilitates the integration of separate software algorithms into a ready-to-use software bundle. C54CST is a one-chip software + hardware solution based on Texas Instruments' TMS320C5403 DSP chip. Its ROM contains the most demanded eXpressDSP-compliant algorithms for Client Side Telephony that were provided to TI by SPIRIT. Due to C54CST's modular structure and standardized interface, user can achieve desired functionality by fitting selected add-ons to the basic C54CST solution. Unified interface also makes it easy to build user-specific applications on the basis of CST add-ons "C54CST is the first to offer 14 telephony algorithms from SPIRIT on a single DSP," Andrew Sviridenko, CEO of SPIRIT. "Because our CST- framework is open and flexible, customers can extend this solution by selecting other eXpressDSP-compliant algorithms from SPIRIT and other members of TI's extensive third party network. Target applications for C54CST are: telephony systems, point-of-sale outlets and kiosks, set-top boxes, credit card and check verification systems, security systems, industrial monitoring systems and meters, payphones, voice recorders, internet appliances, voice / data access points and digital answering machines"
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