ScanSoft Solution Implemented into BMW Internal IT Hotline

PEABODY, MA and GHENT, BELGIUM - ScanSoft Inc. (Nasdaq: SSFT) announced that BMW Group is using ScanSoft's SpeechPearl® speech recognition software and RealSpeak™ text-to-speech (TTS) software assist with high priority technical queries into the BMW internal IT hotline. Since implementing the speech system, BMW has reduced the time it takes to resolve inquiries from the 100,000 employees using the internal hotline worldwide by 50 percent. The bilingual speech solution supports both German and English languages and was implemented by Computer Telephony Integrator, Flintec. "The speech-enabled system is working very well," said Lucien Feiereisen, general manager at Flintec. "With the implementation of the IVR system using ScanSoft's speech technology, the average time it now takes for high priority queries to be dealt with has been reduced to five minutes. Introducing speech technology has lead to a significant increase in business efficiency and it has enhanced our ability to deliver top service to our internal customers." As part of the implementation, Flintec updated BMW's previous touch-tone system, which is integrated with a Remedy IT service management solution and a Genesys digital telephony solution. The previous system sent SMS alerts to technicians who then viewed the query via the Remedy solution. However, without speech, they were limited to accessing the specific information that was associated with the trouble ticket created when the customer initially called the hotline. "We are pleased to be able to work with Flintec to enable BMW to further enhance customer service for its internal customers," said Peter Hauser, senior vice president and general manager, International, ScanSoft. "BMW's speech system demonstrates how speech technology can enhance business efficiency, improve customer service reaction time and clearly provide a compelling return on investment."
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