ScanSoft and Unified Communications Announce the Launch of OneVoice

COMCENTRE, SINGAPORE - ScanSoft Inc and Unified Communications announced the launch of OneVoice, the voice portal application for Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel). OneVoice is a speech-activated service that uses SpeechWorks® speech recognition and text-to-speech from ScanSoft to enable SingTel subscribers to dial their personal contacts or public establishments, access useful information and carry out personal information management.


SingTel believes its customers can access their personal address book, a public address book, calendar and information services using speech commands.  Users let their voice do the dialing to reach their family or friends by saying a name already stored in their personal address book or web-based contact lists. 


"SingTel is offering its customers greater choice and convenience to access information through our fixed line and mobile services," said Mr. Terence Lai, SingTel's Deputy Director of Consumer Products - Fixed.  "Through OneVoice, they can simply use voice commands to facilitate their access to information rather than try to navigate through a touch-tone menu of options or scroll through an address book on their cell phone."
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