SeeStorm Brings Voice Modification Software Package to the Market

ENCINITAS, CA and MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SeeStorm Inc., a developer of speech and image processing technologies and a spin-off of Spirit Corp., announced the release of its Voice Modification complete software package. This platform independent software solution integrates a range of proprietary algorithms and allows to modify voices in a number of different ways. The software is available for licensing in the form of object code for MS Windows and C source code. SeeStorm's Voice Modification system enables digitized voice to be changed from high pitch to low, from female/male voice into male, female or child voices, normal voice to be changed into whisper, and voice rate changing (accelerating/decelerating). "The opportunity to modify voices in real-time, as well as pre-recorded speech, provides a range of substantial benefits, allowing people to stay anonymous during communication, change their gender and age, fit the person type they prefer as well as to understand each other in a more efficient way by decelerating speech tempo or to "fast-forward" by accelerating the speech", says Andrew Sviridenko, CEO of SeeStorm. "Having found a wide adoption in both world-wide and in-house products, the software has a wide range of target applications such as VoIP based applications, for people to change their voices while chatting, conferencing, etc., could be perfect for private investigators, IVR phone systems and audio text bureaus, karaoke - to play voices/songs in a way you couldn't imagine, and many entertainment applications. Generating differently sounding records in a matter of minutes provides sufficient cost saving to content creators, successfully excluding additional explicit costs on involved speaker persons. An opportunity to change voice rate provides a range of benefits to education programs, allowing easier and more convenient material adoption."
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