Sensory to Offer Speech Recognition on OMAP Platform for Mobile Devices

SANTA CLARA, CA - Sensory Inc., the provider of embedded speech technologies, announced it has ported its Fluent Speech technology to TI's OMAP platform. Sensory's embedded software is used for contact lookup, voice-activated dialing, Internet favorites, command and control and password security. First publicly demonstrated on a convergence phone at the TI Industry Analyst Conference in May, the OMAP platform-optimized version of the Fluent Speech embedded engine will enable voice-driven user interfaces on 2.5G and 3G mobile devices. Since Sensory's recognition engine is completely built into the unit, no network connection is required. Sensory's work on the OMAP platform represents its second engagement with TI, following closely behind Sensory's acquisition of the TI MSP50C6xx line of ICs. Sensory's Fluent Speech technology is a small-footprint voice recognition engine that requires no training. The phonemic speaker-independent recognizer is part of a technology suite that includes continuous digit recognition, speaker verification, and support for multiple languages. Software development tools for the OMAP platform will be added to Sensory's current Fluent Speech software development kit (SDK). "In the mobile world, the key is accessing information quickly - a growing challenge of today's feature-rich convergence devices," said Todd Mozer, Sensory's president and CEO. "TI's OMAP platform is an ideal fit for our Fluent Speech engine because OMAP is a leading platform for the type of devices where Sensory's features add the most value. TI's OMAP family of application processors delivers unmatched performance and ultra-low power consumption, providing the hardware sophistication required to enable new mobile applications." "Smart phone and wireless PDA users will be able to take advantage of a richer communications experience with advanced speech technologies like those provided by Sensory," said Paul Werp, worldwide director of marketing for TI's OMAP platform. "Sensory's Fluent Speech technologies offer a broad portfolio of speech algorithms that will provide mobile devices powered by TI's OMAP platform with simple, natural user interfaces." The Fluent Speech SDK for the OMAP platform supports TI's digital signal processor and TI-enhanced ARM9 processor in its OMAP1510 applications processor, and is compatible with the OMAP710 device.
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