Sonatic Creates Shouting TTS

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Shouting is the latest addition to Sonantic's expressive artificial intelligence-powered text-to-speech technology. The company says shouting is not only the most requested capability of 2020, but it also brings a powerful new layer of intensity to voices.

Shouting, the company says, allows for increased intensity and more compelling narratives. But, making TTS shouting believable requires more than simply turning up the volume, as Sonatic's co-founder and chief technology officer, John Flynn, explains: "To accurately model shouting we had to do some hard research to focus the models on the exertion and strain of the voice. This then gives that realistic sound. It's true shouting."

The new shouting feature offers an additional method for shifting tone and conveying a stronger or more urgent message. It also helps convey a range of needs in storytelling, from indicating distance, urgency, joy, encouragement, or even the noise levels of a character's location.

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