Speech-Integrated IVR Platform Available from FutureCom

FutureCom Technologies, a speech and signal processing technology company, announced the release of CommUnif,  the next generation IVR platform with full speech technology integration, including their own speech recognition component, CommUniHear, as well as their text-to-speech synthesis component, CommUniSay.

This integration of speech technology and telephony functions on a single platform provides a total solution with scalability, low cost, and flexibility. Software-only components reduce dependencies on specialized telephony hardware and unify most speech processing functions. Key features of the CommUnify System include:
·Full functionality on low-cost, high-powered readily available hardware; requires only minimal support from telephony cards;
·CommUniSoft - Software-based signal processing functionality (telephony control, DTMF, play and record, transaction support);
·IP-based, client/server architecture;
·UniBet - FutureCom's unique phonetic symbol system that allows system growth with seamless multi-language operability across speech recognition and text-to-speech components;
·CommUniHear - Grammar-based, multi-lingual, simultaneous whole word and subword speech recognition;
·CommUniSay - Text-To-Speech; and
·TDD, Fax - integrated software components

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