TTS Provider CereProc Updates Its Core Product

Text-to-speech provider CereProc has launched CereVoice 3.0.4, the updated version of its core speech synthesis engine, offering users additional platform compatibility and improved performance.

The updated version features voices that are even more natural and expressive, and produce speech output in more languages and accents than ever before, while the introduction of support for the Raspberry Pi extends CereProc's technology to reach additional mobile device users.

"The launch of CereVoice 3.0.4 is a great moment for us. It is the culmination of extensive research and hard work by the team to ensure that CereProc continues to offer the best text-to-speech technology available. This latest version of CereVoice is more sophisticated. We've improved pronunciation and the interpretation of homographs, for example, and extended our language offering while concentrating on adapting our technology for use across multiple platforms to support some of our multinational customers," said Chris Pidcock, chief voice engineer at CereProc, in a statement.

Focusing on improving the performance, speed and stability of third-party applications, CereProc analyzed user feedback and identified key areas and platform applications that would benefit from enhancement, designing effective and sophisticated solutions for applications operating on Windows OS or Apple Mac OS X. Significant developments include better pronunciation of speech and homograph processing, improved general text processing and Speech Synthesis Mark-up Language (SSML) support for Spanish language speech output.

Addressing commonplace conflict between application performance and power required, CereProc overhauled its previous systems to introduce a new low-latency streaming mode targeting voice software for embedded platforms to enhance process speed and deliver a faster integrated performance for users.

Ahead of its planned launch in October, CereProc has implemented necessary changes to ensure its TTS voices provide full compatibility with Windows 8.

"With new devices and system updates from the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Raspberry Pi Foundation being introduced to the market at an ever increasing pace, it's been fundamental for us to take a dynamic approach to design and development of CereVoice. Following the launch of our cloud service - CereCloud - earlier this year, it seemed the natural step to revisit and adapting CereVoice effectively so that we continue to deliver to our global customers fast and high performance solutions that are compatible with all major platforms," said Matthew Aylett, chief technology officer at CereProc, in the statement.

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