Tobin Lucks Implements Winscribe

California law firm Tobin Lucks has implemented an enterprise digital dictation workflow management system from Winscrib to reduce its reliance on a costly outsourced transcription service.

Prior to Winscribe, Tobin Lucks was using telephone-based dictation and handheld voice recorders to document work requiring transcription. The dictations were then delivered to an outsourced transcription service provider or contractors to complete transcription. The cumulative monthly fee for the transcription services and overflow administrative support reached approximately $33,000.

Winscribe supported a tight integration with Dragon Professional software, which would enable the use of the speech recognition software to enhance dictation and document production on the front-end (client-side), as well as the back-end (server-side).

Since the implementation of Winscribe Dictation with integrated Dragon speech recognition, the timeliness of Tobin Lucks’ transcribed documentation has improved greatly, and costs reduced dramatically.

"With Winscribe, letters are completed nearly instantaneously. We went from waiting 24 hours for documents to about 15 minutes," said Lynn Caprarelli, IT manager at Tobin Lucks, in a statement. "Our outsourced transcription bill used to average $26,000 per month.  In addition, we were spending an additional $7,000 per month for contract administrative services. Since implementing Winscribe, we were able to reduce our costs to just $1,000 per month for outsourced transcription."

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