TranscriptionGear.com Certifies the Acoustic Magic's Voice Tracker Array Microphone

TranscriptionGear.com, an Ohio-based on-line retailer of dictation and transcription products, has tested and "certified" the Voice Tracker array microphone from Acoustic Magic, the first in a new class of microphones that, together with software from TranscriptionGear.com, will extend applications in digital recording and speech recognition. Enclosed in a charcoal gray casing, the Voice Tracker fits under a computer monitor, or on a shelf or table. Its technology locates a talker and electronically steers a "listening beam," like an acoustic searchlight, in that direction. This creates spatial filtering; sounds from other parts of the room are not picked up. In addition, digital noise reduction algorithms remove constant background noise. This two-stage noise reduction, coupled with increased sensitivity since the Voice Tracker's eight microphone elements are used continuously and constructively, give the Voice Tracker™ range and sound quality.

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