Verint Systems Receives U.S. Patent Covering Recording as a Network Service

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has issued a fundamental patent to Verint Systems for recording as a network service. This patent and its related families of issued and pending patents significantly strengthen the company’s patent portfolio of more than 460 patents and applications worldwide across the company’s enterprise workforce optimization and security intelligence solutions. The patent also reinforces Verint’s leadership with more than 160 patents and applications relating to recording.

“Behind our leadership is a history of innovation represented by our portfolio of patents. This essential patent covers recording as a network service, an emerging technology trend that gives business users more control of managing recordings, while also minimizing complex technology integration support issues,” says Dan Bodner, president and CEO of Verint Systems. “This is yet another example of our commitment to innovation through our strong patent portfolio, which provides us significant competitive advantages in the market, increases barriers to entry for our competitors, and delivers reliable, secure solutions to our customers and partners globally.”

The recently issued network recording patent (U.S. Pat. 7,660,307), entitled “Systems and Methods for Providing Recording as Network Service,” covers methods and systems for a network or switch to receive instructions that IP packets associated with a communication are to be recorded. The issuance of this patent further validates the company’s domain leadership and demonstrates its ability to foresee and shape the evolution of recording technology. The network, it believes, is becoming increasingly capable of absorbing some of the lower level functions that previously had to be undertaken by external recording hardware and software. Through this patent, Verint enables the network to become a more powerful platform for the sort of applications that businesses have come to expect as essential in managing their workforce and communications.

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