Vocantas Releases Utilities OnCall 3.1

Vocantas has released version 3.1 of Utilities OnCall, its intelligent IVR solution for utilities.

Utilities OnCall 3.1 offers proven integration with TruePoint Solutions and Harris Advanced Infinity.  Interoperability with the Harris Payment Gateway is also proven with this version of the product, enabling secure credit card and e-check transactions.

Vocantas recently announced its PCI compliance with the release of Utilities OnCall 3.0. Utilities OnCall 3.1's secure hosted solutions enhance call control and containment by connecting to the utility company's premises-based customer information system (CIS) and, if desired, to a premises-based PBX. Utilities OnCall 3.1 can also be installed in a virtual environment; for utilities seeking premises-based solutions, this means that no physical installations of new machines or servers are necessary.

Utilities OnCall 3.1 is also monitored 24/7 by IVRGuard, a monitoring tool ensures that the Vocantas support is alerted immediately if there is any issue with the IVR to provide ultimate uptime.

In addition to increased security and reliability, new features of Utilities OnCall 3.1 include the following:

  • A new Web interface;
  • A new design that boasts new reporting functionality to allow administrators to review even more data;
  • The ability to send email outbound campaigns; and
  • SMS options that allow customers interacting with the IVR to request confirmation of a payment made over the phone via text message. 

"Utilities can now take advantage of the power interactive voice in an even more robust complete solution with the launch of Utilities OnCall 3.1. Our utility customers rely on Utilities OnCall to divert calls away from their expensive call centers, ensuring that their customers have 24/7 access to self-serve account information and bill payment options over the phone.  Now with the added benefit of outbound text and email communication, our customers can offer their clients even better round-the-clock services," said Gary Hannah, president and CEO of Vocantas, in a statement.

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