Vocomo Partners with The Voice User Interface Company to Launch New Service

CUPERTINO, CA - Vocomo Software Corporation, a producer of next-generation IVR platforms, announced its launch of a new 'IVR Expert Review' service in collaboration with The Voice User Interface Company, LLC. Vocomo is committed to making IVR technology more affordable and accessible to a whole new category of customers, particularly those without any previous IVR experience. To assist with IVR deployments for these customers, Vocomo has created a new service offering. Vocomo's 'IVR Expert Review' service provides the IVR development team with a comprehensive analysis of their application's VUI which includes very specific remedies for possible problem areas. "This offering basically provides an inexpensive insurance policy for individuals involved in IVR development projects," said Dr. Danny B. Lange, CEO of Vocomo Software. "Key benefits include greater IVR efficiency and ensuring the professionalism of our clients' public touch point." "Our review process has been specifically designed to meet the need for deep yet timely analysis," said Dr. Walter Rolandi, principal of The Voice User Interface Company. "First we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing design. When problems are observed, specific, in-depth, time-tested solutions are then suggested. The process can provide a valuable learning experience for the team." Vocomo's 'IVR Expert Review' provides the client with a direct, hands-on, and comprehensive analysis of their IVR application. The application is reviewed based on three basic criteria: Feature Functionality and Value Proposition; Human Factors and Ease of Use; and Overall Production Quality. Vocomo's 'IVR Expert Review' findings are cataloged in a written review along with a discussion of alternative paths and industry best practices. The report is then followed up by a verbal presentation and discussion of the findings via telephone.
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