Vocomo Releases VocomoVoice Studio

CUPERTINO, Calif. - Vocomo® Corporation announced the availability of VocomoVoice Studio: a desktop tool for development, testing, and debugging VoiceXML IVR applications.

VocomoVoice Studio 2.1 is a desktop IVR programming environment for IVR application developers. It features a functioning VoiceXML gateway for immediate execution of VoiceXML scripts in a desktop environment.

Compatibility between the new VocomoVoice Studio and upcoming VocomoVoice Response 2.1 ensures a path to deployment of IVR solutions. VocomoVoice Studio runs on most standard desktop computers. A virtual touchtone keypad allows developers to simulate DTMF input. Based on the latest Java and Web technologies, VocomoVoice Studio offers integration with leading application servers.

The new VocomoVoice Studio offers a feature set for IVR developers:

  • Full VoiceXML 1.0 / VoiceXML 2.0 interpreter 
  • Built-in text-to-speech synthesizer (TTS)
  • VoiceXML browser supports the SSML say-as tag
  • Play back of prerecorded audio files
  • Virtual phone keypad for DTMF input
  • VoiceXML debugger with single step and variable inspection
  • "Breakpoint" capability for debugging
  • ECMA script debugging included
  • Execution history that allows developers to investigate a given execution path
  • On-screen script inspection for VoiceXML IVR programming
  • Supports remote application server access via HTTP
  • Compatible with all leading Web application server environments
  • Microsoft .NET, ASP, Visual Studio, VB.NET
  • Java Server Pages, ECMA Script, PHP, Perl
  • Extended VoiceXML Grammar Support
  • Grammar Formats: Java Speech Grammar Format (JSGF), IBM BNF, Nuance GSL
  • Tag Formats: ECMA Script Action Tags for JSGF, SpeechWorks OSR Tag Format, Nuance NLU
  • VoiceXML tutorial: phone banking VoiceXML application included
  • Fully compatible with VocomoVoice Response 2.1
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