Voice Signal Powers Speech Recognition to Motorola Handset

WOBURN, MA - Voice Signal Technologies, a developer of speech recognition technology and applications for mobile devices, announced that the speech recognition in the new Motorola V60t Color handset is powered by Voice Signal. The new speech recognition capabilities on the Motorola V60t Color phone make it possible for consumers to dial a phone number just by speaking the digits. In addition, the voice command features allow for access to features including access to messages and settings, and enhanced name-tag dialing. "We are proud that Motorola, a company with such exacting standards and commitment to excellence has selected Voice Signal to provide the new speech capabilities to the V60t Color phone," said Dan Roth, president of Voice Signal. "We believe consumers will find that the new speech recognition capabilities in the handset make it easier, safer and more fun to use their mobile phones wherever they are."
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