VoiceBase Integrated with VBrick Rev Enterprise Video Platform

VBrick has enhanced its video search capabilities by integrating VoiceBase's speech APIs to provide on-demand transcription services to Rev customers. The VoiceBase-powered transcriptions will be part of the core search process in Rev. Videos with a match in the transcript will be displayed so that users can jump to, and playback, the precise points in that video where the search term is mentioned.

"This integration with VoiceBase shows our commitment to continuous and rapid innovation in our next-generation Rev platform," said Brian Dreyer, Rev product management director at VBrick, in a statement. "Searchable audio files convert video archives into highly accessible and discoverable content. This is the first step in a series of search innovations we plan to unveil in the coming year."

The VoiceBase API powers a secure speech recognition and speech analytics platform that processes millions of audio and video files every month.

"We are excited to have VBrick embrace our Big Voice vision to surface the spoken insights businesses need to make better decisions," said Walter Bachtiger, founder and CEO of VoiceBase, in a statement. "Our VBrick partnership extends our reach to enterprises with webcasting, unified communications, video conferencing and publishing applications."

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